wow wow wow

coming from michigan to texas was a huge change. a spectacular change. except my michigan body isn't used to it being 100 degrees in may. the temperatures here are exceeding my expectations. i knew it would be hot, but i didn't know it would be scorching. it's quite funny because my arm that is out my driver's side window is much tanner than the other. and i have a farmers tan too, which is awkward. i can't wait to get a pool to dip into in the summer here. it'll be a refreshing relief. (and a semi-even tan.) every time i step outside in the morning and afternoon i feel as though my skin is instantly burning. that can't be healthy. on a good note though, the sunsets here are the most spectacular that i have ever seen. i mean come on, you can't get much better than this.

absolutely breathtaking if you ask me. with the mountains as a backdrop to most sunsets, makes el paso one of the most beautifully photographed landscapes.

i had a lot of fun this week. brendan and i sought out an adventure last week wednesday. we started exploring the mountains in the area. came across a really cool state park, but we didn't have any cash to get in. so we decided to look elsewhere for a free hiking adventure. if you know me by any means, i'm not a hiker. i'm a hiking whiner. but it really tickled my fancy and i decided to get over myself and take a hike. we went on the lookout for a crashed B36 fighter jet which was supposedly where we were hiking. after some research online, we found that we were in the right area but just didn't find it. lame. we will go back and find it. here are some photos from our hike up the mountain. it was beautiful.

it was fabulous. beside the giant open sore that i have on my ankle from crappy hiking shoes, it couldn't have been more fun. more adventures to come in the hiking department.

on the last note, there are creepy spiders in the desert. if you run a RV generator, it really disturbs their peace. check these nasty things out. they're called camel spiders. disgusting. here's the wiki link if you want to read about them.


gross. really gross.

they're very fast and very gross.

that's all for this wonderful evening. take care ladies and gents.