it's possible

that i just forgot to blog for a long time. sorry readers. i've been really bad at this technology thing. that and i've been addicted to the facebook application "farm town". pathetic? yes.

the weather has been wonderful here in el paso, tx. the past 2 days it has been cloudy and it's a nice change. we successfully have a pool in the backyard and a wonderful patio set. the pool is great because it's so hot here. i miss lake michigan and mclaren lake tremendously. i'm really excited to spend winter here though. no snow! that makes my heart happy.

this has been a week of homesickness. i really miss having a lot of close friends in close proximity. you are all missed terribly. if you know my brother, tell him congrats on graduating and getting into the merchant marine academy. i'm a very proud big sister. he's no longer my little brother, he is my younger brother. i wish him the best of luck.

brendan is doing well, just keeping busy with mechanics stuff. he has been doing a little research on a school down here. it's call western tech. he learned about it through a friend of ours. apparently they provide a GED test at the school while you're attending. he is looking into auto mechanics. which is sweet. i hope he goes for it.

anyway, i'm going to go. the playstation 3 just got fixed and i want to watch some good old videojuegos. love you all very very much.

sorry for the lost blog time. i promise to keep it up.