I have abandoned my blog. But alas, I'm back for round-whatever-it-is. There have been some big changes lately. I'm going to have to change the name of this blog.

New Name: (915) to (616).
We're moving again in June! We had already planned on going back to Michigan in August 2010, but it looks as though it is happening sooner. Some unplanned things came up and we're going back for adventure #2. Should be a thrill.
Blog, I have neglected you because I'm terribly busy. I now work 6 days a week and attend school 4 hours a week. Plus everything that normal people have to do, has to get done at some time during the week. So I make it happen. School is in full swing for Brendan. Nate is back and it's been good. I have a lot of photos I'd like to post, so I think I may just throw them in a slide show for yawls. Could be a lot easier than posting a few pictures...

Beyond the slide show, nothing new. Really, at all. Besides the fact that my hair is getting really long. I want to cut it bad, but I'm growing it out.


Puppy Party!

I've been busy.
But not too busy to add a few puppy pictures.
and a video.

I love my little Luna Bear. She's the best pups in the world!!

and a blast from the past! look how little Luna was!


Ohhh Noooo


I sincerely apologize. I've been ridiculously neglectful. Sorry mom and dad! I'm back. Brendan and I were driving in the car tonight and it came to my realization that I have a blog that has a few readers and that I hadn't touched it in 2 months! Oops.

Therefore, I will update you all on my life. I have been working a lot. I'm incredibly thankful for the job I have. It's a solid 40 hours a week. It's helping provide for Brendan and I and I couldn't ask for more. Plus everyone at the Y is really nice. So that's always a bonus!

Brendan and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. This past year has been the most incredible year I've had in a long time. It went super mega fast. I can't believe it is also almost a year since we moved to El Paso. That is when I started this blog. And I will continue to update this blog on my adventures through life.

I start school at University of Phoenix for my BSHS degree in 4 days! (Bachelor of Science Human Services). I have never been more excited to continue my education. Brendan also starts school at El Paso Community College tomorrow! He has a full-time schedule. I don't think he realizes how busy he is going to be. But college for him is only going to be 1 or 2 semesters. In order to enlist in the Navy, he must complete 15 credit hours because he only has a G.E.D. Hopefully everything with school goes smoothly. 44 of my credit hours from Spring Arbor transferred, so I'm scheduled to be done with U.O.P. in May of 2012. It sounds like a long time, but it really isn't. I only have to take 21 more classes to graduate with my bachelors degree.

Another key plan Brendan and I have is that we're going to move back to Michigan. We were originally planning on moving back in June/July, but that will be held back until about August. I have a class where I must acquire Field Experience. It is from June 10 - August 12. The Y will most likely allow me to do that volunteer experience there, so we're just going to stay here until that is done. It makes more sense.

Moving on quickly, Brendan and I now have a beautiful dog. Her name is Luna and she already loves us so much! Here's my little monkey...she's cute! You can't even lie!

Unfortunately, that is about the only good picture I have of her right now. She HATES cameras. She growls at mine all the time. And makes angry puppy faces. She's a malti-poo/chihuahua mix so she won't get very big. Which is good!

On the negative side of things, the father of all the puppies passed away on Wednesday last week. He got hit by a car on Monday and we took him to the vet. He had internal injuries. He seemed fine all day Tuesday. On Wednesday he wouldn't eat meat, he wouldn't move or do anything. Brendan and Melanie took him to the vet again. They checked him out and said he needed to stay for a while. They called later that day and said things were not looking good for him, so they recommended we take him to the animal hospital. On the way to the animal hospital, Chubbs passed in Brendan's arms. We miss him a lot.

Okay guys, I'm done. For now. I'm going to try and update more soon! I don't want to be terrible at updating my readers on my life.

Love, peace and chicken grease.



I've neglected this blog. I've been busy. But not too busy to blog, so that's no excuse. 

So for a major update I suppose. Brendan got his license finally. I'm very proud and very happy that I am not the only one driving around these days. I've recently been accepted for a janitorial position at the YWCA. I couldn't be more excited. I go in for orientation on Monday. It's a full-time position with benefits. (The plus side of all this is...it's not food service!) Hooray! So that's a new venture I'm taking in my life. Hoping to pay off the rest of my bills and purchase a used car. (New to me of course.) This is the car I want.

Hyundai Tiburon. Beauty and price. Definitely. 

In other news, our little dog Abby just had puppies. 7 of them. The poor dog is very little. I'm surprised she made it through labor. We're proud. Here's a photo.

They're beautiful. 

Well that's about all I've got. Hey, at least I updated, right? 


crazy cat lady fails at blogging.

readers readers readers.
i am terribly sorry.
wow. i'm horrible at blogging.

really, i apologize.
my life has been filled with little things here and there.
looking forward to the next two and a half weeks because they're exciting!

i successfully went to the mall here for the very first time the other day.
it was justifiably a mall.
nothing special at all.
well, i take that back.
there is a little gem of a store in that mall.
it's called the jewelry box.
everything in there is a dollar.

jewelry for a dollar?
best thing to happen to me as of late.
no wonder all the ladies down here look cute.
all for a dollar. mhm.
that was the only thing exciting about the mall.
one thing that terrified me though, was the computerized soda machine.

touch screen? huh. oh well. welcome to the year 2009.
as always, i miss my family and friends tremendously.
that will never change.
other news, my cat is obese and she loves catnip.
she escaped to the neighbor's house a few nights ago.
about gave me a heart attack.
call me a crazy cat lady, i don't really mind.

brendan and i are doing wonderfully.
2 years together soon! :)
he's the love of my life and i couldn't ask for a better man.
i'm proud of his recent accomplishments.
i'm sure i'll be proud of his upcoming ones too.
well, i'm on a normal sleep schedule again.
time to fold laundry, feed my cat, take a shower and go to bed.

ps. favorite quote lately:
"good morning! oh and if i don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight" - Truman from The Truman Show


nothing entertains me more...

than police scanners.


keeps me entertained while i'm trying to get sleepy.
check them out sometime.

i'll greet you with this...and this only.

i miss the staple food of grand rapids.
probably the most incredible edible to happen to grand rapids.
i salute thee, yesterdog.
and will forever long for your deliciousness.

until we meet again.

that's all folks. send me some yesterdog? kraut or killer dogs need only apply.