it's good to be back

hello readers. hope you are all having the most splendid of evenings. this year is flying by so fast. i cannot believe it's almost july already. brendan and i have been married for almost 6 months already. feels like just yesterday when we were at the courthouse. regardless of time flying, everything is going perfect. i got to spend a wonderful long weekend last week up in the gila wilderness with an excellent group of friends and family(3.3 million acres of national forest). must i say now, that it was the most beautiful and the most exciting camping trip i have ever been on. i'm not much of a camper. i more of a cottager. but gila changed my mind about camping. actually, it changed my mind on living in a world consumed with products and money. we are such a selfish society. it's unbelievable. i would love to learn to live simply. driving away from gila pulled at my emotions so much. (even made me cry a little) 99% of my being wanted to just stay and learn to live a simple, close life with my husband. we as a society of people are such consumers and it disgusts me. someday, i will live off a few necessities and learn to appreciate life without a consumer society. it was a beautiful trip. i want to go back now. but patience will just have to do. here are some photos of proof how beautiful it really is.

1) the cliffs that surrounded our campsite

2) overall beauty of gila national forest

3) the incredible sky on our first rainy day there

4) our humble abode for 5 days

5) we had to cross a river to get to our campsite

6) you can "bearly" see him, but he's was there, 20 yards from our campsite

7) the absolutely beautiful hike to the indian cliff dwellings

8) our family for the long weekend

i have a ton of pictures from the trip, but these are the most memorable and the best of the best. well that's really all i have to update on. life is just cruising on now. miss everyone terribly (as always). i have to hit the sheets. love you all mucho.


an anticipated update?

hey everyone. i have been slacking terribly on the blog. i apologize. life is just moving right along. i cannot believe how fast this year has gone already. it's already june? where did march, april and may go? other than the year moving far too quickly, brendan and i have been looking into school. there is this little technical school called western tech. we're very interested. classes start in july or september if we could attend. brendan is looking at HVAC and i'm definitely interesting in health information technology. (billing and coding). we are anticipating that. brendan is in the middle of working on getting his GED so he can get a great job someday. he found a work program that is able to give him his GED testing for free. so that's a blessing.

a few days ago we went to the only lake within the area for a little fishing. the lake is actually right across the highway from the border. it's still quite the culture shock, but pretty cool. unfortunately we didn't catch any fish. (not even any bites!) but, we did catch these big guys on the poles...

yes yes yes, a total of 3 gargantuan frogs. i have never seen frogs this big. in fact, they're still in our bathtub to this day. they've even laid eggs in the bathtub. it makes showering a bit complicated but we make it work. poor guys are probably hungry. i think they're kinda gross because sometimes they get out of the bathtub and wander around the house. ew.

other than the froggy adventures, we're also going camping in the wilderness for 4 days/3 nights. we're leaving on saturday to go on a mountain adventure with friends and family to gila national forest. gila is approximately 4 hours away and there is no water or bathrooms or anything. it should be thrilling. this week is taking so long because i'm looking forward to camping. here's an image of what it will probably be like there...

i think it will be a beautiful adventure and i'm greatly looking forward to it. well everyone, that's about it today, i don't have much else to write. keep me updated on your lives better than i do with mine. love you and miss you all.