"let's jog! this only happens once a year!"

yesterday is a day worth writing about. since brendan and i moved to texas, we haven't seen an ounce of water. we were blessed with the most beautiful thunderstorm on 5-22-09. i have never been more thrilled to see sheets of rain coming from the sky. talk about something that makes your day. literally, it happens just a few times during the year. to observe all of the kids in the neighborhood coming out of their houses and playing in the rain is truly a sight. i think i saw some neighbors i have never seen before. of course, i had to go have some fun in the rain as well. the city of el paso has an interesting drainage system. i would hate to see what the city looked like after 3 days of heavy rain. it would be the next atlantis! i can say at this point in my post that i was driving through deep curb puddles in my car pretending i was in a boat. yes, i miss water tremendously. i had an absolute blast playing in puddles too. the smell of rain is something that can't be replaced with anything else. it brings such joy to the soul. the pounding of thunder and the zap of lighting are the most excellent. i overheard a neighbor kid say as he was jumping in puddles "let's jog! this only happens once a year!" i love rain and i wish it would show its face more often. such beauty in weather form. my favorite. but alas, we're back to average el paso weather today. sunny and hot. can't wait for winter here, it's going to be amazing. i am not going to miss the snow. (ok, maybe a little bit...especially around christmas when it's sunny and warm.) that's all folks. just thought i'd share my blessing in disguise.