slowly catching the drift

of this whole blog thing very slowly. this is a wonderful blog site. the layout of the site itself is so simple and customizable. i'm totally happy that i joined. not only for the moments now, but for the memories later.

texas is absolutely wonderful. i couldn't be enjoying myself more. we've done a lot of fun things. but that doesn't mean that there isn't sadness that comes along with the whole ordeal.

my brother-in-law left for qatar with the united states army this past week. i have never actually had a reason to "support our troops" until now. this video is of the buses leaving after we had all gotten done saying our goodbyes. it was pretty emotional. i was proud of my sister in law and the composure that she held through the whole day.

my niece and nephew know that dad is gone for a long time, but i don't think they can grasp that he's going to be gone for a year. it's been a pretty hard week here. but we're all here together as a team. helping eachother out. brendan has taken the responsibilities of the man in the house. he's doing a great job. i have no doubt that he will be a great father someday.

here are a few photos of the family that hold great value to us. we're a family now. sticking it through everyday. that's why brendan and i are in texas. to help melanie out with the kids and the household. we are her support. hopefully we can hold up our end of the deal.

nate is missed greatly but we are holding up the household pretty well. just your everyday joys and everyday struggles.

that's all for tonight.
the kids are in the corner crying.
time to take control.