alright. i disgusted myself earlier. so i got my grand prix when i was 16. i have been driving it since then. not once have i cleaned the carpeting or the mats or anything. i actually had the motivation today to wash/dry/wax/vacuum/detail/steam clean my car. it was THE most disgusting thing i have done in a while.

thank goodness for the wonderful steam cleaner and a bathtub and bleach.

[ps. this steam cleaner is awesome!]

i now have floor mats that are back to their original color. tomorrow i'm taking on the task of steam cleaning my floors in my car and the seats and all the upholstery. hopefully it'll look like a new car. [although it's not, considering it's almost ten years old.]

i figured i'd do all this now that i'm not smoking anymore. i can actually clean my car and not have any ashes or anything in my car. i think it will be phenomenal.

as far as quitting smoking is going, i'm doing really well, down to about one/two cigarettes a day. i'm excited to start working and not have to put aside money out of my checks for smokes. it will be a good feeling.

i have been cranky though, and i apologize often to those around me. it's not fair, but once i'm done with this habit, the happier i will be.

hope everyone is doing excellent at home. miss you all very very much. hopefully i will get my phone back within the next 2 weeks.