¡hola de paso el-, texas!

buenas tardes ladies and gentlemen. after a lot of time and consideration, i have decided to take up a blog of my journeys here in el paso, texas. it may be somewhat of a hassle for me to update, but i'm sure my fellow people would love to hear of the adventures that i have bestowed upon.

to start off, i must say, it was a journey.

since september my husband and i have been looking forward to embarking on the journey of a lifetime. due to some exclusive events in michigan, we were unable to leave before february.

one of these events happened to be my marriage to the love of my life on january 16, 2009. i wanted to celebrate with friends and family in michigan. so that was one deciding factor in our ETD. [estimated time of departure for those who were wondering...] we had a beautiful union in the courthouse. saved us a bunch of money. it's all the same anyway. who cares if we are united in front of a church or in front of a magistrate. what meant the most is that we are in love and we dedicated our lives to one another. it was beautiful and that's all i wanted. the union of two people. always a special gift.

after all of the exclusive events happened, brendan and i left for el paso, tx on february 22, 2009 with a whirlwind of excitement. of course, with our karma, we left in a blizzard. but that's michigan for you. that blizzard proceeded to follow us all the way to oklahoma. i was relieved when i started seeing open, non-snow covered ground and gas prices as low as $1.54.

considering i'm the only one with a driver's license in this situation, i was more than enthused to arrive in texas. after 22 hours of straight driving, we arrived at destination paradise. eyes bloodshot, brain in a twisted mess, but alas we arrived. let me tell you one thing, going from a 15 degree blizzard to an 86 degree sun-filled day does something funny to a person.

even though i was tired as all get out, my mood immediately jumped. taking into consideration that i hadn't seen the sun in what felt like a decade. beyond that, i got to reunite with my sister and brother in law and her two beautiful children.

finally squeezed some sleep in and rejuvinated my soul.
it's been a whirlwind of events that i will have to share with you in individual posts.
for the reason that this post is getting gargantuan.
i will tell you one thing right now, we're here to stay.

welcome to paradise.