conclusive essay on love

my husband is the most magnificent man in the entire universe. i never thought i would find someone so right for me. love is something that not everyone gets to experience. but once you do come across it, it puts you on a whole different level.

brendan and i have been through a lot together since we met. we've had some nasty living situations (ahem...ahem...motel). love keeps you truckin' along. through thick and thin. i love having a partnership. there are a lot of things about it that i need to learn. (example: sharing a blanket on our bed...leave us alone, rough sleepers need their space.) i have a lifelong partner and i couldn't be happier.

i knew i was in love with brendan the day that we met. i'm not so much a fan of "love at first sight" but i am a believer in "love at first meet". sounds pretty lame i know, but it makes sense to me. and i'm sure there are other people out there that can vouch for me on that statement.

when brendan and i first met, it was in my car. i brought him to work. i was never so curious about a man than i was with brendan. he was mysterious and that is what brought him to my attention. i wanted to know more about him. i knew that to do this, we would obviously have to start somewhere. and we did. we got to know eachother, we learned what true love is all about. on the other hand, brendan thought that i was completely out of his league. he was curious to know me, but he didn't think he had a chance. what a silly thought. little did he know i was even more curious about him.

there are so many aspects of love. it's incredible. everything about is so amazingly complicated. it takes a lot to love a person 100%. it takes a strong person. love brings out the best and the worst in people. (again, i think that statement is vouch-able). i wouldn't be where i am emotionally without brendan. he has immensely helped me get to a more stable point in my life. i was so uncertain of what my life held before i met him. love whirled and twirled and did its thing. now i'm here, married to the most incredible man on the face of the planet.

he is such a genuine, smart, caring, influential man. i wish more people could see what i see in brendan. those of you that know brendan should be proud. he has made a difference in a lot of people's lives and he will continue to do that throughout his lifetime.

B.A.B. is mine. forever and ever. and i couldn't be more giddy. i still think about our first kiss and i get those dweeby little butterflies.

he is my ULTIMATE blessing. i love him so dearly.

as he would put it. "
We Live Together, We Love Together, We uhhhh, We are Married."