carpal tunnel and rosetta stone

my life has been fairly monotonous lately. i go to work and make/dip waffle cones. i help some customers here and there and then i go home. not that i'm complaining or anything. it's so much better than sitting at home. one thing that i must add here is that i need a different TYPE of job. i am so tired of being in customer/food service i could throw up. most of the receptionist type jobs here require you to be bilingual. maybe i should learn spanish? i need to get my hands on rosetta stone and learn spanish. i think i'm determined enough to get a better job. i know i have so much more potential than food service, i just can't escape. i'm stuck guys. beyond the work topic, the weather has been glorious. cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. this next week we are looking upon close to 90 degrees everyday. welcome to texas where it's hot and there is not a drop of water whatsoever. but i do love it here, so again, i'm not complaining.

one thing that i am legitimately allowed to complain on is my carpal tunnel. i have been wearing my brace. it's not helping. as dumb as it sounds, i think it is acting up from scooping ice cream. ice cream is hard to scoop. today, during dinner preparation, i was cutting chicken with a heavy duty scissors. all of a sudden all the feeling in my right thumb went out. thank you carpal tunnel . you add a lot of joys to my life. my thumb still has no feeling. it's really annoying.

all those years of typing and piano and texting have quite apparently caught up with me. not fun by any means.

on another note, my cat is getting FAT. she's eating like a boy going through puberty. i guess that's a good thing. i know she is healthy and finally enjoying her living environment.

she is definitely my blue eyed baby. i'd be sad if she ever ran away or was killed. she's my love. she waits up every night for me to go to sleep. she knows that i will always care for her and be her mom. she is in much better hands now. her original owner is a jerk. she's a lover, that's for sure.

alright, well it's late. i must go to sleep soon. waffle cones in the morning. much love to everyone. hope everything is splendid with all of you.