crazy cat lady fails at blogging.

readers readers readers.
i am terribly sorry.
wow. i'm horrible at blogging.

really, i apologize.
my life has been filled with little things here and there.
looking forward to the next two and a half weeks because they're exciting!

i successfully went to the mall here for the very first time the other day.
it was justifiably a mall.
nothing special at all.
well, i take that back.
there is a little gem of a store in that mall.
it's called the jewelry box.
everything in there is a dollar.

jewelry for a dollar?
best thing to happen to me as of late.
no wonder all the ladies down here look cute.
all for a dollar. mhm.
that was the only thing exciting about the mall.
one thing that terrified me though, was the computerized soda machine.

touch screen? huh. oh well. welcome to the year 2009.
as always, i miss my family and friends tremendously.
that will never change.
other news, my cat is obese and she loves catnip.
she escaped to the neighbor's house a few nights ago.
about gave me a heart attack.
call me a crazy cat lady, i don't really mind.

brendan and i are doing wonderfully.
2 years together soon! :)
he's the love of my life and i couldn't ask for a better man.
i'm proud of his recent accomplishments.
i'm sure i'll be proud of his upcoming ones too.
well, i'm on a normal sleep schedule again.
time to fold laundry, feed my cat, take a shower and go to bed.

ps. favorite quote lately:
"good morning! oh and if i don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight" - Truman from The Truman Show