just thought an update would be beneficiary to all my readers. things are going smoothly here. it's been a wonderful couple weeks. the weather has decided to cool down, which is appreciated. (a cool down is considered from 100 degrees down to low 90s here in el paso). brendan successfully completed his GED program and i have never been more proud. he worked hard on it and his work shows. he's so smart, i knew he'd do excellent.

speaking of education. i've had this strange drive to go back to school lately. i would like to go to school online though. there is a lot of research i need to do before committing to that. my brain feels dead and it needs a revamp. if anyone has any great ideas or recommendations for schooling, please get a hold of me somehow. brendan and i both completed our FAFSA online yesterday and it shows that i am approved for up to $5,350 in a pell grant. that would be absolutely wonderful. i just need to decide what i want to do. something in health administration or human services. i don't know yet. again, the research is going to help in this dilemma.

nate comes for his R&R tomorrow afternoon/evening. he's been gone since march and it'll be a joy to see him. the kids are really excited to see their dad. and i think his wife is equally excited! i don't blame them. it'll be terribly hard to watch him leave again, but we need to just make the best of the time that he has while he is visiting.

another strange thing, the army tells all their soldiers who come home on R&R that they are visitors in their own home. that's such a strange concept for me because the soldiers are the ones providing for their families, and they're supposed to be considered visitors in their own home? i think that is ridiculous. oh well, you do what the army says right?

on a creepy note here, there have been a plethora of black widows creeping around our house lately. that makes me uncomfortable. they vary in size. but they're disgusting none the less. i'd never seen one before i moved here. gross. here's a few photos.

aren't they horrendously disgusting? makes me want to wear pants and socks when i sleep.

alright, well that's about all the update i have for you at this moment.
more to come.
love you and miss you all.