out of the music loop

hello readers. short post here. i just want to present to you my new favorite website of all time. if you're at all into music, please please check out http://www.last.fm. i know that it's been around for a long time, but i have been an avid pandora user. after today, i have concluded that last.fm tops all music sites. it's a ton of music at your fingertips and it's completely customizable. it caters to every kind of music interest possible. it gives you the ability to play a good amount of songs that are based on your choices. they also recommend songs that suit your taste. you can create playlists. if you love music and want to discover new music, last.fm is for you. i'm not kidding. check it out. it's a glorious choice for a music lover. do it.

ps. update: my cat is getting really fat, she needs to go on a diet. look at this awkward photo i got of her on the couch the other night. it tops all of the photos i have of tuna melt.

one more of our family kitten sunshine. she's a little bundle of kitten trouble.

she's cute, you can't even disagree.

okay, that's all i wanted to say tonight. it's late and i need to shower and sleep. love you all.


I am not spectacular at keeping this updated.

I am back after much time of not posting. I'm sorry to keep all of my readers out of the loop. Everything here in Texas is going swimmingly. It's been horribly hot, which I am definitely not used to, but I deal. The pool does its job here in Texas. (The air conditioning on the other hand does not.) I just turned 23 and don't feel too different about it. Life moves on. It was a good birthday. I got to spend it with my family here and that's what counts. I also got to talk with my parents on the phone and that's always wonderful to me. (I know you guys read this! I LOVE YOU very much and miss you horrendously some days.) July has just come and past. It's insane how fast this year is flying by. We're at the end of July already and my niece and nephew go back to school one week from tomorrow. Mikaela is starting kindergarten and Austin is going into second grade. They're my pride and joy. Mikaela is my little angel (who drives me crazy sometimes!) and Austin is the most handsome man in the world. (Even though he's going through a whiny/angry phase.) I love them both with all my heart. We just celebrated Austin's birthday yesterday. We just had friends over for a backyard barbecue complete with throwing candy off the roof. Good thing we have enough pools and rent-able water slides around here to make backyard barbecues manageable. Here are a few pictures of the birthday boy and his sister in all their glory yesterday.

1. he decided to dunk his face in the cake and the cutie in the background is our friend marky.

2. the birthday boy in all his glory (cake face and all.)

3. of course his sister had to follow suit. (and turned out looking like a superhero!)

4. using my cool color accent feature on my camera! (thanks dad for picking this one!)

5. getting ready to open presents! the highlight of any child's birthday.

6. present #1: a rocket for fun in the desert.

7. present #2: a pile of rocks in the left hand and a magnifying glass in the other!

present #3: a scooter!

present #4: ford remote control truck! the favorite of the evening!

so that was austin's birthday. good times, good friends, good food. in other news, brendan takes his last section of his GED test tomorrow. he will then get his results back within the next two weeks. i'm very happy and support him greatly. i know that he will pass those tests with flying colors. he's an incredibly smart man, and i'm happy to see him applying his brain to something! well, i need to get to bed, my back has been sore all day and i'm just generally tired. thanks for reading! love and miss you greatly.